Design Manufacturing Futures Lab – University of Bristol

The Design Manufacturing Futures Lab is part of the Mechanical Engineering department at Bristol University. We’re interested in researching and developing tools to help people from all backgrounds design objects for their own use.

We will exhibit two areas of our work: an augmented reality (AR) LEGO build space to help people codesign a new maker space in Bristol, and several generations of our open-source desktop multi-manufacturing machine. The AR LEGO build space is part of the physiCAD project, which is developing physical interfaces for Computer Aided Design using LEGO. The system gets people to build scale LEGO models of objects they would want in a maker space and then locate them in a scale building. Users of the system codesign with architects and building planners to make spaces that they would actually want to use.

We will also bring several generations of our open-source multi-manufacturing desktop machine. The plans are openly available and we will demonstrate the system to makers.