During Maker Faire, we invite visitors to create punchcards using hammers and punches, and feed their cards into the PatternCraft readers, their patterns will then be translated through a series of sample codes and software examples including Minecraft and a music generator. combining the technology of yesteryear with modern software.

Inspired by textile and computing heritage, PatternCraft is a tool for learning the fundamentals of computing and code, and a base for developing interactive projects. This analogue to digital punchcard reader engages families with industrial and computing heritage and teaches the fundamentals of encoding and decoding data through the write-once medium of a physical punchcard.

Since its creation in 2015 PatternCraft has engaged over 2500 people at Maker Faires and events across the North West and we believe it is time to demonstrate PatternCraft to a wider national audience at the wonderful Maker Faire UK.