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Tingbot transforms your Raspberry Pi into a platform for creative applications. Make fun things, get coding and share amazing projects.

We want to make getting creative with technology and writing code as accessible for people as possible. Tingbot transforms complex, scary electronics into a fun, cool product that you can make apps for, really easily.

Tingbot comprises a custom LCD touchscreen, some programmable push buttons, and all packs into a retro-inspired case we’ve designed. Think Gameboy meets Lego and you get the idea.

You can design graphics, draw, connect to simple data feeds and make fun interactive apps. You can use the touchscreen to make a doodle pad or programme the buttons to control a robot. You’re free to make pretty much anything you can think of. The smart bit of the project though is how you make things. We built our own software to write code for Tingbot, it’s called Tide and it’s designed to make the user experience of tinkering with tech enjoyable and seamless.

We want to inspire people to use the Tingbot platform to create their own new, exciting Pi projects. Demonstrating at the Maker Faire would be the perfect environment to encourage this.