2017 headline Maker: Andrew Smyth, finalist in the Great British Bake Off 2016

2017 headline Maker: BattleBot

2017 headline Maker: Brick This

2017 headline Maker: The Crafty Robot

2017 headline Maker: Maximus

Maker Faire UK is the greatest show (and tell) on Earth! Taking place on Saturday 01 – Sunday 02 April 2017 at Life Science Centre in Newcastle, it’s a two-day family-friendly festival of invention and creativity.

It brings together over 300 hackers, crafters, coders, DIYers and garden shed inventors from across the globe – people who love to make stuff and who want to share their passion with the public.

It’s really great fun for adults and kids alike, with all sorts of different things to try your hand at from traditional crafts to hi-tech hacks. The atmosphere is one of collaboration, sharing and experimenting, where you’ll try new things, deepen existing knowledge and have loads of fun! Be prepared to be inspired. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in!