Headline Maker: Robohand

We’re very excited to announce that the immense crushing power of Robohand is coming to Maker Faire UK – after all, it’s not every day that you get the chance to see a car being pulverised in the vice-like grasp of a giant robotic fist!


Originally commissioned for the 2007 Robodock Festival in the Netherlands, Robohand is the brain-child of American artist Christian Ristow. It’s a gargantuan prospect, 30 times larger than an average human hand and weighing 6000kg. Hydraulically powered fingers give this hand the superhuman strength to crush almost anything put before it.

Robohand was built from recycled scrap-metal and, ironically, due to its huge size, destined only for a return to the junk yard following its festival appearance. Thankfully, a few modifications saved Robohand and now it’s a sustainable and transportable art object which tours internationally, making its Newcastle début at Maker Faire UK.

We’ve had to scour far and wide but nonetheless managed to source a great haul of ‘squeezies’ for Robohand to mangle. Think wardrobes, pianos and of course, cars! As the fantastical centrepiece of our Times Square Showground, it would be a ‘crushing’ shame to miss Robohand on April 26-27 (geddit?). We doubt you will miss it though, seeing as it’s nearly eight metres long!

Book your Maker Faire UK tickets now and make sure you get a glimpse of Robohand at work, along with over 100 other fascinating attractions.

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