Maker Faire UK 2014 – that’s a wrap!

The Makers have packed up and gone home but the buzz is still lingering here at the Life Science Centre. Since 2009’s inaugural event, Newcastle has become a Mecca for Makers and they came again in their droves for 2014’s faire, the most spectacular yet.┬áIt’s been a fabulous festival weekend crammed with ingenuity, invention and good humour. We’d like to take this chance to thank you all!

The crew of Robohand

The crew of Robohand

The Times Square Showground featured some of the weekend’s biggest attractions. You can’t have missed the crushing power of Robohand nor the mobile giants Binbot and Turbo, but did you take a ride on the Flycycle or hear Joe Lowdon’s fascinating Gameboy music? Did you catch the cheekily choreographed drama of the Spark! drumming troupe?

Binbot takes to the streets of Newcastle

Binbot takes to the streets of Newcastle

Inside the Science Centre, 100 exhibits were spread across four zones. Discovery School blasted model Formula One cars down a miniature track whilst Stormtroopers paraded in the entranceway. We loved Nottingham Hackspace’s Floppy Disk Orchestra and Kickstarter success stories Mirobot and Ototo. Upstairs, Allenomis Enter the Fold screen-printed some awesome thermochromic tote bags and the Jam Jar Collective’s Waggler game put smiles on faces.

Crowds in Zone D

Crowds in Zone D

In the Science Theatre, Vinay Gupta, Sabrina Merlo and sci-fi author Cory Doctorow drew large crowds to hear their talks. Mitch Altman and MadLab ran popular soldering workshops whilst Intel’s pigeon flight simulator had visitors throwing some very funny shapes indeed.

Soldering Workshops

Mitch Altman’s Soldering Workshops

The 3D printed marvels of Shapeways and Ultimaker sat happily alongside some good old fashioned nostalgia, most notably Hitchin Hackspace’s giant BigTrak vehicle. The National Museum of Computing’s retro games consoles were a huge draw, as ever!

We think Maker Faire UK had something for everyone and can’t wait to do it all again. What were your favourite exhibits?


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